Gujranwala is known as city of wrestlers. Wrestling holds top position amongst amusements recognized hence it is part of culture of Gujranwala. Local wrestling style is termed as “Kushti” and wrestlers are termed as “Pehalwaan” with heavy muscles and well-built bodies; they are true machos of our country- There is a popular impression that Good eating habits reared up in the lap of “Kushti”.

Inhabitants of Gujranwala and its suburbs have tremendous liking for eating and wrestling. Numbers of small restaurants for Bar-B-Q food are engaged in providing quality food in Gujranwala, It is observed that people specially come from Islamabad and Lahore to eat “Chiras” (Sparrows) tikkas, Seikh Kababs, Champs, mikh (marrow) Kalajies, potas, Champ (Chops) prepared with mutton, beef and white meat which includes chicken, btair, tiliar, murgabies etc. Vegetables can also be Bar-B-Qed but meat is area of expertise of Gujranwala.